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tom and jerry cartoon NEW TOM and JERRY CARTOON 2012 Episode

Tom and Jerry cartoon

Tom & Jerry Robin Hood & His Merry Mouse The fur flies again, when Jerry, as the smallest member of Robin Hood's gang, encounters Tom, a feline squire to Maid Marion. Not only are the cat and mouse from opposite sides of the moat, but Tom is secretly working as a spy for the Sheriff of Nottingham and evil Prince John. But when the villains succeed in capturing Robin, Tom realizes to his horror that they intend on harming Marion as well. So he joins forces with Jerry, not only saving their respective humans, but allowing for the safe return of King Richard as well.

Tom & Jerry Robin Hood & His Merry Mouse

Tom and Jerry -1.5 hour

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Tom & Jerry,Baby Butch Down a dirty alleyway, Butch the alley cat is scavenging for food. He tries to first steal a bottle of milk, then a whole ham from Tom and Jerry's house, but is unwittingly thwarted both times by Tom, who is oblivious to Butch's efforts. Undaunted, Butch decides to disguise himself as an abandoned baby on the doorstep in order to infiltrate the house and gain access to the well-stocked refrigerator in the kitchen. Tom starts to suspect that something is off with "baby" Butch. The ruse works, and Tom brings Butch into the house. Butch finds that, between having to outwit and out-maneuver both Tom and Jerry, getting his paws on the ham proves difficult. Tom gives him milk, and dumps him into a bassinet holding a steaming disinfectant boiling water bath! He screams and lands in the soapy water, cleaning himself and Tom at the same time, as he dumps his host in the bath as well. He gains sympathy from Tom against Jerry by pointing after the mouse and crying like a baby, but Jerry eventually turns the tables when he alerts Tom to Butch emptying contents of the refrigerator into his bassinet. Butch, his cover blown, nearly makes his escape, but Tom and Jerry team up to ensure that Butch leaves the house empty-handed. At the dinner table, Tom slices some ham for Jerry and for himself. Butch, still in his baby disguise, suddenly appears at the window, asking for some ham in baby talk. Grudgingly amused by Butch's sheer nerve, Tom passes the ham to him; at first, he cuts off only a sliver. But Butch then grabs the whole ham and begins gobbling it down greedily as he fights off Tom and Jerry.

Tom & Jerry,Baby Butch

Tom And Jerry 060 - Slicked Up Pup (1951) At the end of this episode, Spike was actually doing a nice thing to Tom by putting him in the washing machine and cleaning him. Now you know why Spike can be stupid sometimes. XD

Tom And Jerry 060 - Slicked Up Pup (1951)

Tom and Jerry - Egg Beats

Tom And Jerry Treasure Map Scrap

Beach Bully Tom And Jerry Tom and Jerry are relaxing at the beach until a macho cat comes along and, walking across Tom and Jerry's beach blanket, kicks sand on the duo. This starts an ongoing rivalry between Tom and Jerry and the cat. They fight over things like having a radio on or off, and whether or not their badminton game is making too much noise. Spike gets involved in the rivalry twice, and gets revenge in creative ways. First he uses the badminton net as a slingshot and sends the cat flying across the beach. Later, he puts a key in the cat's back and, winding him like a toy, sends him marching across the beach. T&J try to go rafting, but the cat sends his fishing line out to the raft, deliberately destroying it and causing the cat and mouse to sink. As revenge, Jerry ties the fishing line around Spike's barbell, pulling him away, once again framing the cat for the job. The cat throws Tom & Jerry in the trash. Finally, Jerry ties the fishing line in the cat's bathing suit, and attaches a magnet to the cat's tail. Tom ties the other end of the line to a set of balloons. The balloons send the cat soaring away, and the magnet attracts the barbells Spike is lifting. Both dog and cat soar far away, leaving Tom and Jerry to finally relax.

Beach Bully Tom And Jerry

Tom And Jerry Camp Ground

Tom And Jerry - A Life Less Guarded

Tom and Jerry 31 - Salt Water Tabby

...If some guy makes you mad or unhappy...this is what you should do!!!...V^_^V

Tom and Jerry 31 - Salt Water Tabby

Tom&Jerry - Best Moments

Tom and Jerry

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A newspaper headline announces that Toodles has inherited a million dollars. A top-hatted Tom heads to Toodles' home to woo her (and presumably get his paws on her inheritance) with flowers and newspaper in hand. Jerry, visibly annoyed and tied to a bow, is being dragged along behind Tom.
Toodles' housemaid (presumably Mammy Two Shoes, in a non-speaking role) takes his hat and lets him in. Tom gawks at Toodles and offers Jerry to her as a present. Tom then treats Jerry like a toy, endlessly forcing him into performing one humiliating performance after another:
1) He winds Jerry up like a wind-up doll and makes him stumble to the tune of Three Letters in the Mailbox, followed by a bow.

2) He rolls a ball that Jerry is forced to do cartwheels and handstands on, until Tom connects his arm to the goldfish bowl causing Jerry to land in it.
3) In a scene that is often cut when shown on television, Tom blackens Jerry's face with cigar smoke and forces Jerry to do a tap-dance on a hot metal plate as Old Folks at Home plays in the background. Just as Tom and Toodles are about to kiss, Jerry lands behind Tom's tail which he feeds to a paper shredder, causing Tom to scream in Toodles' face and embarrass himself.
Jerry escapes to the window ledge and spots Butch lollygagging in a nearby alley. Jerry folds the newspaper article announcing Toodles' windfall into a paper airplane and launches it towards Butch. Butch's interest is piqued, and Jerry shows Butch where Toodles is. Butch catapults himself into Toodles' home and literally comes between Tom and her.

Tom And Jerry - Casanova Cat

Tom & Jerry - Mice Follies
 Jerry and Nibbles flood the kitchen and freeze the water, turning the room into a skating rink. The two mice go about their own business, skating and sliding across the frozen floor - until Tom is woken up. Tom pursues the two mice, but is not as mobile on ice as he thought. As he skids across the "rink", he crashes into a closet and comes across a pair of ice skates. Equally matching the skating prowess of the mice, the chase resumes as Tom crashes, bangs and stumbles across many kitchen obstacles, including an ironing board, a door and some stools, before sliding up a table-come-ramp and falling down into the cellar.

Tom emerges from the cellar and just as he is about to catch Jerry, Nibbles wisely defrosts the ice, causing Tom to slip over on the watery floor. Jerry climbs to higher ground as the soaking wet cat searches for him. Ready to squirt Jerry, who Tom has spotted hiding on a shelf, Nibbles sets the freezer to 'Quick Freeze', re-freezing the floor, with Tom frozen and just standing on the floor. Jerry and Nibbles resume their ice dancing, skating around the frozen cat who can do nothing but move his eyes around as the mice skate across the floor. 

Tom & Jerry - Mice Follies